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Field Routine
This routine was our most important one to all of us because we performed during half time of the Homecoming game. The stands were all packed and friends were shouting, it made us more nervous knowing everyone was watching. Once we got started everything went right and we did very good and we were all excited at the end. Now we're waiting for next year's Homecoming Game!
The purpose of the squad
The name of the organization is the Rosettes. The reason for that is because our mascot is a jaguar and the spots on a jaguar are called rosettes.The purpose of the organization is:
1. To promote and maintain loyal school spirit and sportmanship.
2. To provide entertainment whenever neccessary in cooperation with the school and community activities.
3. To develope character, self-discipline, leadership, dance techniques, and individual responsibility while maintaing high moral standards.
MA Camp
Camp was held at Sunset and Molina. We all had fun learning the dances but at the end we would end up exausted. It was cool meeting the other squads and Thanx to Spruce for all the little gifts they gave us. Good luck Spruce and Carter!

It's a new year and a new beginning. The first competiton we've done is at the MA Camp. On the last day of camp, we competed against other schools. We performed "Bling Bling" and we were awarded Grand Champion. I am so proud of all the girls because I know they put sweat and effort into learning the dance. They did so good and you'll be seeing our winning performance in the first pep-rally.

We are looking for sponsors that are willing to help us out. The reason we would like sponsors is because money's the only thing that brings us down and makes us have problems. we need to have money to enter competitions, go to good camps etc. If anyone would like to sponsor us, we can give you information on why you should sponsor us. You won't regret it if you sponsor us. All you have to do is look on the contact page.

We all love doing splits! It usually tends to Wow the audience.

Jaguars ! 35627